Nursing Jobs.
Nursing Jobs.

Don't Graduate Nursing School Without A Specialization In Mind
Most graduates of practical nursing school come away with a basic LPN degree, but few of them have plans to remain a standard LPN for the rest of their lives. Looking ahead and planning out your specialization while you're still in a nursing program can make it much easier to move into that role once you're in the institution of your choice. A hospital's practical nursing program will generally nudge you toward a specialty a bit harder than a nursing school will, but it's still all too easy to ignore the call for a specialty and end up a generalist.

‘Best in Class’ Nursing Homes Recognized for Exemplary Customer, Workforce Satisfaction
My InnerView – an independent research company – today awards 519 nursing homes the profession’s best-in-class, Excellence in Action award. This honor recognizes nursing homes that achieve high levels of excellence as demonstrated by having overall customer or workforce satisfaction levels that fall within the top ten percent of My InnerView’s database.

Don't spend all your life savings paying for nursing home costs
The greatest threat to the “nest egg” of our Senior Citizens is a long-term stay in a nursing home. With costs exceeding $40,000 per year, it does not take long to wipe out someone’s life savings. Information contained within this article could be important to your long-term financial health.

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